About Us


We have been working out of the Durango Quarry Veracruz for over 15 years. In those years, we have been supplying high quality pure travertine blocks, slabs, and tiles to resellers and retailers all over the world. Not only were we successful, we also did it in a way that doesn't compromise our workers health. We are an ethical quarry where we make sure to give great care to our customers and we never forget about our employees behind the scenes. 

We are a company who loves innovation and we keep up with the market. This is why we have decided to go online. We are pioneers in providing clear prices for anyone interested in buying our travertine wholesale. I'm sure you don't want to haggle for pricing, and neither do we. We think it's a complete waste of time. You just buy what you need in a couple of clicks and we go do what we do best and extract your order. Very simple! It keeps your prices low, gets you the items quickly so you can resell or install them in a timely manner, and you can come back to us happy. Win win! 

Come visit us if you're nearby Los Angeles to view the show room by appointment only.