Beware of Scammers

Welcome to the future of doing business online. It's easy and convenient to make a purchase and have it get straight to your door, however it's also easy to rip someone off without any repercussions to the perpetrator. Please follow these steps to make sure that you're not being scammed.

1. If the price or claim is too good to be true, it is. This is true for any purchase made, if the price is way lower than expected and the promises are huge, then it's either broken, fake, or not as advertised. 

2. Check if the website is secure. To do this, you should see a lock or something similar on top near the web address:

If you click on it you will see a confirmation saying that it's secure and you can click around to verify the certification:

3. You can also type the "S" in https on the web address followed by the site name, such as:

That s after the http stands for secure. If it opens, the website is secure, if it doesn't open and gives you a warning, then it's a red flag.

4. Is the website clear and transparent with what they're going to charge such as insurance and other costs? Sometimes there are hidden fees that you may not expect such as "Lift Gates" "Handling" "Duty Fee" charges. The price may start off low at first, but can be tacked on to extra fees all because of a confusing, convoluted website.

5. Does the website accept credit cards? Paypal? These are the most secure ways to pay for anything online. There is NO reason for anyone to not accept credit cards these days. 

6. Are the emails, phone numbers, business addresses listed and can be clearly seen? Does the email end with @business name? If these details are hidden or the emails end in,, etc. then it's a scam. 

7. Are the web pages clearly written with minimal mistakes in the language intended? Some countries just plain don't care about scammers scheming to take advantage of others as long as the victims are located from outside of the perpetrators home country. However, they're written dialect isn't as clear to native speakers. These are easy to spot once you go through the web pages like the about page on the site and read what they have to say, it would be in broken English with many easy to spot mistakes. 

If any of these rules are broken, please tread lightly in buying anything from these kinds of online stores. Otherwise, if the website follows all these rules, then you can be rest assured that you're going to get a quality product from a legitimate online store. Stay safe.